Така собі дитинка, такий собі хлопчик...

For several years ocean researcher Charles Moore [1] has been investigating a concentration of floating plastic debris in the North Pacific Gyre. He has reported concentrations of plastics on the order of 3.34x106pieces/km2 with a mean mass of 5.1kg/km2 collected using a manta trawl with a rectangular opening of 0.9x0.15m2 at the surface. Trawls at depths of 10m found less than half, consisting primarily of monofilament line fouled with diatoms and other plankton.

Some sources[2] have reported that the size of the "island" is twice the size of Texas, however Moore's investigation does not state this. Many of these long-lasting pieces wind up in the stomachs of marine birds and animals. [3]

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Площадь плавающей свалки, которая получила название Большого тихоокеанского мусорного пятна (Great Pacific Garbage Patch), уже в два раза превышает размеры штата Техас, а ее масса больше 3,5 млн т.